Tokyo Tax Seminar

We host a tax seminar in Japan every year with instructors invited from California Society of Enrolled Agent (CSEA)

2021 seminar will be announced when we nail down the details.

Past Tokyo Seminars

2019 topics

  • 2019 Tax Update

  • Notice of Deficiency: Your Ticket to the Dance

  • Introduction to Section 965/Transition tax

  • Determining Residency Status 

  • Collection Method Alternatives

  • Ethics

  • Global Intangible Low Taxed Income (GILTI) 

  • Let's check up your tax knowledge 

  • Practical Tax Research 1 

  • Practical Tax Research 2 

  • Form 5471 

  • Cyber security 101 & 2018 Practice Problem 

2017 topics

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) -1

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) -2

  • Problems and Solutions due to Wrong Choices of RealProperty Tenancy in Hawaii of Japanese Investors

  • Practical application of TCJA – what if (s)

  • The Tax Impact of a Change in

  • Accounting Method

  • Ethics Update & Review

  • Various business investment problems by Hawaii subsidiaries of Japanese Companies

  • Global World and Tax

  • Concept/Disclosures

  • Mastering Schedule D & Form 8949

  • Reasonable Cause for Abating

  • Unreasonable Penalties

  • Assisting Japanese Heirs of US Estates

  • US estate & transfer tax for Japanese citizens

2018 topics

  • Mortgage Interest and the Limits of Deductibility

  • Deductible or Not If So Where

  • US trust and Japanese Trust

  • Estate and Transfer Tax

  • Business Taxes for the Notice

  • Representation Preparation

  • Perspiration Ethics

  • Setting up a Hawaii branch of Japan corporation

  • Sharing Economy

  • Real Estate Professionals Do They Really Exist

  • Recognizing When a Return is Ripe for Audit and Dealing​ With It

  • Quick review and Practice of Form 2555

  • Quick review and Practice of Form 1116

Non Profit Organization 

Japan Society of Enrolled Agents

Contact : Mitsuo Tsuchida


Atten: Tsuchida & Associates

4-1 New Otani business court 8F

Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku,

Tokyo Japan 102-0094